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Emily. 20(teen). I like older men. Whovian, Sherlockian, Fannibal, Slytherin and Supernatural - they're my divisions.There will also be some other random stuff on here too but stick with it! I adore the theatre - it's my second home. I'm a massive drama geek as well as a Literature and Shakespeare addict. Film lover. Professional fangirl? I like to bake and partial to a good cuppa. Feminist. Also I love cats.


I never actually say hi to my friends, I just make creepy faces at them from a distance.

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not every choice you make is going to be a feminist one. you are bound to make choices that are not feminist. it’s unavoidable.

if you so much as walk into a department store and buy a pair of socks, you are participating directly in the exploitation of women and girls in sweatshops. if you walk into a drug store and buy a tube of mascara, you’re funding multinational corporations that subsist on the degradation of women’s bodies and the destruction of female self-esteem. if you spend ninety-nine cents on an itunes single from any of these artists, you’re giving money to the record label that signed robin thicke and sent “blurred lines” to airwaves.

and all of the examples i’ve given are not obvious things. it would probably not occur to you, even if you are the most conscious, responsible feminist activist alive, that, in buying a pair of socks or downloading a song on itunes, you are corroborating anti-feminist institutions.

feminism is not about providing a rationale for why every choice you make is a feminist one. feminism is about recognizing that we live in a society where it is virtually impossible to make feminist choices. it’s about recognizing the institutional and political and economic barriers that hold women back and destroying those barriers.

you will make choices that are not co-terminous with the goals of feminism. the very, very least you can do is not try to rhetorically re-frame those choices as feminist.

We all look for protection, and whether we find it in the arms of our mother, or at the end of a jagged blade, in the kiss of our sweetheart, or at the end of a barrel, we do what we have to to feel safe, because we know that somewhere in the world there are those that will do us harm.Desperate Housewives (via desperatehouse)


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